Selling your commercial property in Central Illinois


One thing is clear—you want to get the highest selling price for your

commercial property. Count on CORE 3's experienced team of 

brokers to help you get it! 

Pricing, marketing and negotiating are all crucial to a successful sale. 

Our team will:

-  recommend the best listing price based

   on the direction of market trends 

-  design a custom marketing plan for maximum 

   exposure, both online and off 

-  negotiate —we can help close the sale, 

   while getting the highest selling price possible

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1707 Hamilton Road 

Bloomington, IL 61701

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Bruce Hage • Commercial Property Manager

CORE 3 Commercial Sales Experience:

     - neighborhood strip centers

     - regional malls

     - triple-net-leased properties

     - neighborhood storefronts

     - urban mixed-use developments